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New Dark Dates story out – is this good or bad timing?

One of the fun things about being a freelancer is the variety of the work – one minute I am doing a legal directories presentation to an international law firm, the next I am writing an article on the lack of female superhero movies for a pop culture website – and so it seems fitting that just as I plunge into the UK directories season and my busiest time of the year, I choose to put out another book. So, I’m thinking, possibly my timing could be better… but really, am I wrong to do this now?

The reason, of course, is slightly more complex than just bad timing. A hectic, displaced summer has meant that I had to put plans for the sequel to Wolf Night on hold, and now the directories season is in full swing, I simply don’t have time to focus on that side of my writing. But I did want to capitalise on the great reviews my last book has had – in a crowded market, people forget you fast, and it’s good to pop up on readers’ radars. A short story is the perfect compromise: it allows readers to keep up with the world I’ve created and get a fix of the characters that, they tell me, they have come to love, and the digital-only format means such a book is cheap and easy to produce. Writers like Lee Child and Tess Gerritsen use this formula well, regularly putting out digital-only shorts between novels, so I figure if it works for people at the top of their profession, it can’t be a bad idea for writers like me, either. Admittedly this means that the amount of time I can promote the book is limited, since I’m constrained by other commitments, but on balance I am happy to have it out there, getting notice (and earning money!) while I focus on other things, rather than sitting in a folder waiting for the ‘right’ time to put it out.

So if you have a project sitting gathering dust because you’re waiting for the perfect time to finish it, maybe it’s worth looking at it again. Sometimes, you just have to take the plunge, and hope for the best – or risk doing nothing at all.

You can buy the new book on Amazon or Kobo.

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