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Venturing into new territories – publishing on Nook

I have sorely neglected this blog of late, mainly because I have been ‘suffering’ from that most benign freelancers’ curse – being too busy with work to actually look for more work, or to promote my business to new clients. It’s been a very hectic directories season for me: as well as handling a raft of UK clients, I am now working with firms in South Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the US, Asia and Australia – so have been fairly full on over the last few months, albeit in the best possible way.

However I am trying not to neglect the other streams of my business: I continue to write for a number of magazines and websites, and I am, of course, still nurturing my personal writing. As part of this, I decided to expand into publishing on Nook. It’s not a huge platform in the UK but, as it serves Barnes and Noble customers, is well-established in the US, so I am hoping that with this, alongside a renewed effort to get books out to reviewers – something I also let fall by the wayside last year – I’ll be able to raise my profile in that most lucrative of markets. If you have a Nook, you can buy the books here.

Watch this space…

Vamp Kindle size


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