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Self-publishing – the next step

I’ve done a lot with my business this year to expand into other markets – in my legal directories work, for instance, I have done a lot more presentations, and more one-to-one phone calls, either handling Q&A sessions or doing mock interviews with lawyers. So it made sense that, when it comes to the publishing side of the business, I branch out on that front too. I’ve already expanded to other platforms than Amazon – in part to extend international reach, but also to reach those readers who aren’t keen on Amazon’s attitude to tax (I’m afraid, for an author, they’re a necessary evil – but hey, I pay my taxes…).

So the next step (unfortunately Amazon-dependent – whatever their problems, they are a godsend to indie creatives) is getting my books in print. The reasons for this are varied: some solid business sense, some not so much  – as a lover of print, part of me wanted to simply have my books as things I could hold in my hands. But books as physical objects are also useful as a marketing tool and a way of increasing my profile with readers: I can take them to events, readers who enjoy them can share them with friends, buy them as gifts, etc. Sure, it took a lot of time and effort to get there, and, despite the CreateSpace system being free to use, I had to pay someone to format the book and cover for publishing, so I have to sell (quite a few) copies before I make a return on my investment, but that’s what I feel it is: an investment. Stay tuned to see if it pays off…

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