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Legal 500 Asia Pacific – the way you submit has changed!

New submission process for Legal 500 Asia Pacific

The changes that Legal 500 started to roll out for the UK research are now implemented, meaning that they will only accept submissions in their own template, submitted according to their new guidelines (click the Asia Pacific section under the How Do You Get Involved for details).

While the changes are understandable – I have seen enough submissions to understand the varying quality and length of the kinds of submissions Legal 500 were getting! – the new forms can seem fiddly and time consuming to fill in if you are used to a more freeform approach, or simply editing your Chambers submissions to fit. So while the 18 May deadline may seem nice and far away, if you haven’t already started the process, you should do so as quickly as possible to ensure that everything is completed promptly.

Confidentiality labelling: take extra care!

One of the most common teething problems I saw when working with clients on the UK guide was confusion over the confidentiality labelling on the new form, which isn’t always intuitive – so given that this is the first time with the new system, I would advise those tasked with both filling in and checking the forms to give themselves plenty of time to check that everything is correctly labelled according to the new formats.

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