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Fiction and creative writing

I am a published novelist and performed playwright and I regularly write reviews and features for online theatre magazine Exeunt. I was previously a columnist for pop culture site Unleash the Fanboy and my work has appeared in magazines as diverse as Woman’s Weekly, Sky, Cutting Teeth, Pulp Net, Printer’s Devil, Yours and Your Cat. My work has also been performed on the radio, and featured in several print anthologies. My blog Body of a Geek Goddess was nominated for the Cosmopolitan Blog of the Year.



No Love is This

(both Kennedy & Boyd)

Bridesmaid Blues

The Cassandra Bick Chronicles:

Dark Dates

A Vampire in Edinburgh and Other Stories

Wolf Night


Bystanders, Baron’s Court, 2011

Dark Dates: An Audience with Cassandra Bick (co-writer) – Tristan Bates First 2015, Brighton Fringe 2015

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