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Legal 500 USA book now live

The international research schedule is in full swing now, with the Legal 500 Asia deadlines just past, the Chambers international schedule (which varies from country to country and, in the USA, from state to state) well underway and the Legal 500 EMEA deadlines looming (well, ish: they’re in August but we all know that comes around faster than you think).

The new Legal 500 guide is online now: you can check it out here.

Deadlines reminder!

Just a very quick post to remind you that the Legal 500 Asia deadlines are looming (May 24) as well as a whole bunch of Chambers Global Deadlines and the new Legal 500 Canada deadlines. So make sure you’re on top of things!

Legal 500 Asia Pacific Deadlines now live

Legal 500 has published its schedule for the Asia Pacific Guide, with submissions due on Friday 24 May. (Read more here). It also published details of the new Germany Guide (deadline 3 May), Canada (24 May) – so if these affect you, you should start your submissions process ASAP.

Chambers UK deadline looming!

Just a quick post to remind you all that the second tranche of Chambers submissions are due in at the end of this week… (This is, of course, the main reason I only have time to write a very short post).

Chambers Asia and Global schedule now live

The Chambers schedules for these regions is now online – and as an awful lot of these deadlines are only weeks away (making those of us who work across jurisdictions very busy indeed!) it’s really important that you start your process now. Getting your submission in promptly is especially important for smaller jursidictions, where the research period may be quite short – you don’t want to miss your chance!

You can see the schedules online here.

Chambers Europe and UK update

The Chambers Europe schedule is now live – and the first deadline is 22 February, so it’s important to start the ball rolling on yoiur submissions now. (You can check out the online schedule here).

While the full UK schedule isn’t yet live, the research for some sections has started and some researcher names are online already – I’ve contacted some of these and found them helpful and speedy to respond, so worth dropping them a line if it’s section you’re focusing on, even if the research dates aren’t live.

And remember – the next Chambers deadline is mid-Feb, and the Legal 500 regional deadline is also looming, so if you’re working on UK submissions, you need to be working on those now.

Chambers Europe – deadlines looming

While most of the international submission deadlines for Chambers legal directories have yet to be announced, it’s worth bearing in mind that the Europe Editor Georgia Brooks sent out an email towards the end of last year warning that the first deadline on the Europe Guide is likely to be the end of February.

While it can be difficult galvanising people to pull their submissions together without a concrete, confirmed deadline to work towards, last year the schedule went live only a few weeks before the first submission deadline – leaving lots of firms with a last minute scramble to get their subs in on time. As the sections with the early deadlines are most likely to be the biggest sections (M&A and dispute resolution, for example) and those which are included in the Global and Europe Guides, this obviously isn’t ideal, because these are key sections for many of the firms involved.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about the late publishing of the schedule, and given how complex and massive the research workload is (and very labour intensive, so the editor has to coordinate work among dozens of researchers), this is unlikely to improve year on year. So the only way to make sure you don’t get caught on the hop is to start preparing now: get your case highlights together, start contacting referees for permission to submit them, and make sure that when the schedule is published, you only need to do the final polish, not compile the whole submission from scratch.

Look at it this way – if you do it now and the submission deadline turns out to be much later, at least you’ve got it out of the way…

Chambers UK first deadline approaching!

Just a reminder that the first deadline for Chambers UK is mid-December – and it really is important you get your submissions in on time. There’s also still time to get some assistance if you need it (though hopefully you have at least started to think of client referees and relevant cases…) so if you think you need help with your submissions, do contact me at

The next date is mid-February, and Legal 500 is likely to be shortly after that – worth considering now, as they creep up sooner than you think…

Chambers UK Schedule now live

The schedule for Chambers UK is now live, with submission deadlines mid-December and mid-February. At the recent Meet the Editors presentation, new UK editor Jonathan Rubin stressed the importance of getting submissions (and, particularly, referees) in on time, so it really is vital that you start the process straight away – 6 weeks may seem like a long time, but it really isn’t!

If you need assistance or advice on your submissions process, feel free to contact me at – but whether you’re doing this inhouse or using external advisors, it is important to start the ball rolling now…

The UK Guide will be published this evening at a London launch, and should be online by around 9-10pm, if previous years are any indication.

Twitter for writers

I’ve posted before on using Twitter for business, but I recognise that how you use Twitter will depend on what you aim to get from it, and what you are using it to promote. With that in mind, I wrote a short piece for writing site Strictly Writing, tailored specifically to using Twitter to promote your writing, whether as fledgling freelance writer trying to build a reputation, or an established published author trying to facilitate a better relationship with your readers. You can read the full piece here.