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Chambers UK schedule is now live

The Chambers schedule is now live – before the guide is published next week. The first deadline is mid-December, which seems ages away but will be on us before we know it, so it really is worth starting the process for those areas with December deadlines now, then using the launch of the book as a prompt to get things moving.

Need help?
I’m already working with clients for this next cycle, offering support at all levels and with all budgets: whether it’s just a quick submission review so you can see if there’s something obvious you’re missing, doing presentations to partners and/or marketing personnel to help them better understand the process (and how to make it easier) or offering more holistic, strategic advice on an ongoing basis. It’s not always about the most extensive and expensive option – sometimes there are quick, easy fixes that can be applied to help you get the results you want with less of the slog than usual. So if you think you could be doing better – get in touch!



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