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Book promotion: review round up and considering covers

Teaser for Dark Dates 2

My promotional blitz for my ebook Dark Dates is continuing, and I must admit I’m finding it a fascinating process: seeing just how many passionate book bloggers there are out there, and how there really is a book blogging community. So what have I been doing online this past week?

I was thrilled to be the first author to take part in When Pen Met Paper’s new feature, Author Talk, on my by-now-familiar topic of why neither genre fiction nor its fans are stupid. This was followed by a guest post, giveaway and review over at Close Encounters of the Night Kind – and of course, the great thing about digital publishing is once you have formatted copies of your book, giveaways cost nothing – it’s not like having to pay out for hard copies. This was rounded up by a very nice review over at Nocturnal Book Reviews.

Meanwhile, over at Strictly Writing, I’ve been talking about cover design: how do you decide what images best sell your book, especially if you are on a budget?

Strictly Writing – joining the team.

Just a short post this week, as I am assuming – hoping – everyone will be having too much fun over the long bank holiday to be online. Though, the weather being what it is, inside and online might turn out to be the best place to be!

So I shall just use this post to highlight that I am now a featured member of the writing collective Strictly Writing, a blog aimed at giving writing advice, support as well as insight from a group of writers who are at varying stages in their career, from the not-yet-published to the award-winning. If you’re interested in fiction writing, do pop over and check out the blog. My first piece is on the decision to self-publish, so might be useful if that’s something you’re keen to explore.