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Legal 500 EMEA Deadlines now live – and new submission process now in effect!

The new schedule for Legal 500 EMEA is online, with both referees and submissions due in August (see below for dates). It’s important to give yourselves plenty of time to get ready for this, as the new submission process is now in effect.

While the information required remains basically the same, the new form can seem fiddly to the unaccustomed eye, especially if you are used to just ‘topping and tailing’ your Chambers submissions. So give yourself plenty of time to prepare, and remember that it is vital that your referees are sent in on time to ensure they will be contacted.

You can find full details of the new process here:

For some simple tips on choosing referees:

10 questions to ask before you send in your referee spreadsheet:

From the Legal 500 site:


Client referees deadline: 13 August 2018

Editorial submission deadline: 13 August 2018

Firm interviews conducted: 17 September – October 2018

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Legal 500 EMEA deadlines are looming!

Hopefully if you’re submitting for Legal 500’s EMEA Guide this year your submissions are already well under way – but do remember that the deadline for referees is a week earlier. So you need to send in your referees by 3 August, and the submissions are due on 10 August.

For more information, click here.

Directories deadlines – Chambers Europe and Legal 500 USA

First off, I am loving Legal 500′s new monthly timetable – an ‘at a glance’ guide to what action is needed on different guides each month, which makes it much easier to keep track of what you need to do throughout the year to keep on top of the directories process. This month sees the publication of the UK and Latin American guides, ongoing EMEA and Caribbean research, while firms submitting for the US guide should start prepping now.

Meanwhile, over at Chambers, the next Europe deadline is September 15 while a number of US states have deadlines this month also.

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Legal 500 EMEA – what you need to know now

The Legal 500 EMEA deadlines are fast approaching – with referees being due by 4th August and submissions by 11th August – so if you haven’t started the process yet, you really should. But there have been some changes to the Guide that you need to be aware of, so here’s a handy checklist.

Things to note:

  • Extended coverage: The Guide’s coverage is being expanded this year, both with the introduction of regional summaries and with a raft of new countries being added (Albania, Armenia, Angola, Ivory Coast, Kosovo, Monaco, Montenegro, Mozambique and Tanzania).  There are also new categories for some of those countries already covered.  So firms in those newly added countries or with strong regional presences should make sure they check the guidelines to ensure they are giving themselves the best possible chance to get ranked. Those who are used to submitting for the same sections every year should check that no new additions have been made for their country so they don’t miss out.
  • New referee process: In an attempt to limit the amount of times referees are contacted, the Guide is changing the way they contact referees who are sent in late – this means it really is vital to get your spreadsheets in on time (and properly formatted) or your clients may not be contacted. Again, check the guidelines for the full explanation, but prioritise getting your referees sorted on time.
  • New guidelines: In what looks like an effort to minimise work for the firms – and recognise that people won’t want to substantively change submissions they have already pulled together for Chambers – Legal 500 have changed their guidelines for submissions, making them closer aligned with Chambers and hopefully reducing the workload for those involved in the submission process. However, while this is a move to be applauded – it really should cut a lot of unnecessary duplication of work – it does mean if you’re simply sticking to the Legal 500 template you have been using for years you may be passing up the chance to include extra information that could be helpful to your case.
  • New website: While the new website looks great, it can take a little while to figure out where everything is – so if you’re looking for the guidelines, they can be found here: just click on the relevant guide for the information you need.

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