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Demystifying Directories – Presentations

The legal directories process can often seem opaque and confusing – as well as incredibly time consuming! But, as someone who has worked on both sides of the fence – as a UK and international senior researcher and UK editor at Chambers, and in-house at a Top 50 law firm – I understand the challenges facing law firms, but also know how researchers think; what information they want, how they want it presented, and how firms can minimise the work involved in the directories process and at the same time maximise their chances of getting the rankings they deserve.

My Demystifying Directories presentation has been developed to guide fee-earners and marketing/BD professionals through the directories process. Although it can be tailored to any timeslot, in response to client demand it’s been designed to fit into a lunchtime slot, and includes a presentation, handout and Q&A. It’s designed to be a standalone presentation, so can be of use even if you do not wish to use a directories consultant for your submissions. It’s a quick, easy, affordable way to make the process smoother, less painful and more effective.

The presentation covers frequently asked questions such as:

How do the guides actually work?

What goes into deciding the rankings?

Do submissions really matter – and what information is required?

How do you get the best from your referees – and who should you choose?

So far, I’ve done presentations for major law firms in several UK and European cities as well as London. You can find out more by contacting me at – but please note, due to my heavy directories commitments, this service is only available April-October.

Spring forward – work roundup: Dark Dates live, Legal Directories Presentations and a new book in the pipeline!

As ever, from November-mid-March my life has been dominated by the UK directories season – while I do a lot of international work, that tends to be a bit more spread out, and UK firms are still my biggest customer (and, besides, a lot of international work also falls within this season – making me a very busy girl indeed!). Because I am so heavily committed, everything else tends to take second place, but with the last UK deadline under my belt and the arrival of spring, I get to take a bit of a breather (this year, as ever, celebrated by the annual ‘getting really ill as soon as the deadline is over’ ritual, from which I am only now recovering) and look at the bigger picture, assess what else is going on in my life, and what I want to achieve before the UK season swings round again…

Magazine work: I still review and occasionally write articles for theatre magazine Exeunt, and write a regular column on freelancing for Better Business magazine, and this is certainly something I would like to explore more of over the next few months. Last year, I had a piece published in writing magazine Mslexia, so it was nice to add another title to my CV, which is something I’d like to expand on this year.

Directories presentations: One of the nicest surprises over the past year or so has been the success of my ‘demystifying directories’ presentations, which I have now given to law firms in Europe, London and the rest of the UK – in fact, I got to the stage where I was having to turn people down as I was so heavily booked up! I really enjoy doing these – it’s great to be able to answer people’s questions face-to-face – so hope to do more over the coming months.

Books: This time of year is typically when my writing projects move into full swing and this year is no exception! I’m currently working on a slew of projects, including getting Wolf Night into print and writing the sequel, compiling a collection of Dark Dates stories and exploring a potential new publishing venture. Watch this space!

Zoe Cunningham as Cassandra Bick

Zoe Cunningham as Cassandra Bick

Dark Dates Live: Possibly the most exciting development has been the creation of a one-woman show An Audience with Cassandra Bick, with actress Zoe Cunningham and director Peta Lily. After opening to great reviews in the First 2015 at the Tristan Bates theatre in London, it’s coming to the Brighton Fringe in May, with further touring possible. Zoe and I are also collaborating on another project at the moment, so, again, hopefully there will be more news soon…

Throw in a bunch of international directories deadlines and suddenly the summer doesn’t look so quiet after all. The hard work is over – let the hard work begin!

Ch-ch-changes… new city, new work, new products

The new term, ‘back to school’ feeling of September is always a happy one for me: possibly it’s because I was a study nerd when I was younger, partly it’s just I love the excuse to buy new notebooks and indulge in my stationery fetish. This year the new start that the season offers is particularly dramatic for me, and one I’m really excited by. After a hectic summer, I have relocated to Brighton and am currently in the process of reorganising my stuff after having it in storage for the best part of 6 months. This is turning out to be a great opportunity to reassess what I actually need, and what I am have been hanging onto unnecessarily – not a bad lesson for the rest of life, I think!

I’m looking forward to getting used to a new city after 11 years in London, and have a raft of promising new projects on the go for the next few months, including, of course, assisting a number of clients with both Chambers and Legal 500 UK and international research. I’m also still writing for Better Business magazine on the trials and tribulations of freelance life, as well as producing a fortnightly column for pop culture website Unleash the Fanboy, so my career continues to be pleasingly varied. I’ve worked on a number of great projects over the summer, including doing transcription work for an international academic study group and acting as subtitling consultant for a documentary, so am delighted that my decision to go freelancing a few years ago is already yielding such a diverse work portfolio.

I’m expanding my services into doing more personal presentations, too, having had a great response to both telephone and face-to-face Q&A sessions for clients this year, and already have several sessions lined up both in the UK and Europe. If you think you could benefit from one of these sessions, do get in touch – they can be an easy and affordable way to kickstart your directories process and save lots of time later on.